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New and Used Medical Equipment or Medical Devices for Hospital such as Stand and Portable Ultrasound, EKG or ECG machine, X-ray machine, Hemodialysis machine, CT-Scan machine, AED or Defibrillator machine, Ventilator machine, Nebulizer machine, including medical instrument items.

Portable FDA Handheld ECG or EKG Machine

Nowadays, cases of heart disease increase in United State of America especially on children and teens. Most of them are diagnosed with a condition known as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). If there is complain related to that case, The medical team ussually will take action by perform an electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG) at hospital, clinic or at home. For this reason, many of doctors and nurses they buy Portable Handheld ECG/EKG machine with monitor.

There are so many company launched type of portable hendheld ECG/EKG machine in the market, with different size, color, variatife prices according to the feature fungtion of ECG machine it self.

One of new portable hendheld ECG/EKG machine (2011 - 2012) with cheap price you can see our picture bellow, It is sell on market by online system around US $169.95 in new condition. You can pay by paypal as secure online payment.

Portable FDA Handheld ECG or EKG Machine heart allow you to records 200 times ECG and waveforms revies. With his 2 batteries can take at least 500 times of measurement. This device actually set for portable home EKG machine, but it's can be use in medical health care services such as hospital or polyclinic.

This portable FDA Handheld ECG machine monitor is a device with which you can record your heart's electrical activity in just 30 seconds. So, the doctor or nurses will get information in 30 second when symptoms occur whether at home or away.

To operate this hendheld ECG machine is very easy and simple, easy carry and quick result. It's feature with USB interface system for data transfer from your small ECG/EKG equipement to the PC system. The unique features of the Portable ECG Monitor make it a versatile multi-purpose tool for medical professionals.

For the patients who must under monitoring ECG/EKG in more than 24 hours, better for them to have one. You now that if they stay in hospital, how much budget they have to spend money even for a single night spent at the hospital. Check this divice in your country, The portable handheld ECG or EKG machine may available there in many branches.


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