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ICU Equipment Capnography Monitor LifePak 12

Capnography is the monitoring of the concentration or partial pressure of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the respiratory gases. This procedure ussually take on ICU department at medical service provider like in hospital or specialiest emergency care unit (Ambulance/Paramedic car unit). A capnography monitor is an ICU equipment used when the patient's condition may effect the carbon dioxide levels in the blood.

One of ICU equipment Capnography Monitor and also has function for the Defibrillator machine is LifePak 12. Over 80,000 LIFEPAK 12 monitor/defibrillator units are in use on ambulances and in hospitals all over the world. This equipment designe as portable medical system, Innovative platform design provides ease of use and the flexibility to add new features and enhancements at a future date. The Capnography Monitor LifePak 12 offers users high level accuracy and real time response.

With large LCD display, The Intensive care unit equipment Capnography Monitor Physio-Control LifePak 12 allows 1, 2 or 3 ECG channels to be viewed simultaneously, only up to 8 seconds of cascading ECG. The advanced LifePak 12 ECG algorithm simultaneously acquires, analyses and records all 12-leads on a 100mm printer in the standard format.

This item comes equipped with a selector knob, allowing easy input of events and patient demographics and facilitating navigation through menu options. Really interesting capnography machine, allow the nurses or doctors to check Cardiac condition and risk by easily tracked. ST-segment deviation is measured every 30 seconds.

The Capnography Monitor LifePak 12 is a multi-parameter device that combines semi-automated and manual mode. ICU equipment Lifepak 12 can be configured in a variety of ways: AED mode with Override, Monophasic waveform, Adaptive Biphasic waveform, Shock Advisory, Non-invasive Pacing, 3-Lead ECG, 12-Lead Interpretive ECG, SPO2 saturation (pulse oximetery), NiBP, EtC02 (Capnography), Multifunction Cables or Integrated Hard Paddles.

Available optional module for the Lifepak 12 monitor/defibrillator are can be use on Adult/Pediatric. Capnograph (EtCO2 monitoring) using Microstream™ technology. Using the ICU equipment capnography monitor LifePak 12 is easy, simple, and affordable upgrades. To buy this machine new or second, now available in the market/internet online with variable prices depend on condition it self.


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