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X-Ray Machine "HF Advantage" from GE Company

General Electric (GE) healthcare company released their product high frequency technology on X-ray machine "HF advantage". These medical equipment developed in the John F Welch Technology Centre in Bangalore - India.

HF advantage is X-ray machine as the next generation X-ray system designed, equipped with a high-power 32KW generator hitherto used in high-end CTs and X-ray machines. They will prepare this item for the domestic and international markets. The X-ray machine HF advantage will be a substitute to the conventional X-ray equipment used in hospital and diagnostic centre.

"The product was designed and developed by Indian engineers at the John F. Welch Technology Centre of GE in Bangalore and manufactured by third-party multiple vendors in Pune," GE Healthcare Technologies CEO V. Raja told reporters.

X-ray machine HF Advantage offers high quality image and diagnostic precision using lower radiation doses. With his priced about Rs.800,000 (US $15,850) for the Indian market, you can compare with other X-ray equipment that sell in the market around same prices. It will give the physician a satisfied result on image by using advanced radiography system, So they can put an accurate diagnosis to the patient.

V. Raja told that the X-ray machine HF Advantage is the latest X-ray machine provides crystal clear images at the lowest exposure surpassing conventional X-rays. This machine also offering safe imaging environment by reducing exposure time by over 20 per cent.

General Electric (GE) Global made join venture with Wipro Corporation in order to marketed and provided services for those want to buy the HF Advantage. They make target for the private and government hospitals, small diagnostic centres, including nursing home care. In future, they plan to introduce the next level of fully digital X-ray systems (laptop size) for enhanced imaging solutions with a price tag of Rs.10.5 to Rs.20.5 million.


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