Selling New and Used Medical Equipment

New and Used Medical Equipment or Medical Devices for Hospital such as Stand and Portable Ultrasound, EKG or ECG machine, X-ray machine, Hemodialysis machine, CT-Scan machine, AED or Defibrillator machine, Ventilator machine, Nebulizer machine, including medical instrument items.

Medical Equipment : Opti-Neb PRO Nebulizer Machine

Nebulizer machines are very vital for treating various respiratory issues such as asthma and other respiratory diseases (COPD and cystic fibrosis.). Teleflex is one of medical equipment company, recently launched their product "Opti-Neb PRO Nebulizer Machine" . This is a portable medical device that designed with wonderful Nebulizer system, It is Compact Nebulizer Systems on the market today.

The Opti-Neb PRO Nebulizer Machine is very attractive looking with a navy blue top and gray bottom, easy to use and with his small size you can carry this equipment when you are going for travel. The Opti-Neb Pro is a compact, powerful compressor providing an outstanding combination of performance, quality and value.

When you visit hospital or clinic due to respiratory problem especially asthma, may be you will see many of nebulizer machines with different types or models. There are many option available for you to buy the nebulizer machine, such as home nebulizer, pediatric nebulizer, portable nebulizer.. However, the advanced versions of nebulizers are smaller and lighter in weight such as OptiNeb Nebulizer . Therefore, it depends on you which one you choose according to your needs. You can also buy them with online system from Internet.

Opti-Neb PRO sale on the market including equipment set ;
  • Nebulizer Instruction Manual
  • 5 Free Extra Filters
  • Nebulizer Machine Compressor
  • Nylon Carrying Case with for easy transport and storage
  • Micro Mist Nebulizer Tubing Mouthpiece with Tee Inhaler adaptor

Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices used in critical care and surgery. They are selling their medical equipment product to many country across the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. If you want to buy the Opti-Neb PRO Nebulizer Machine, try to get them from big Pharmacy in your area.

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Medical Equipment : Defibrillator (AED) CU HD-1

This is about AED machine with high end defibrillator/monitor intended for hospital, clinic and ambulance's staff use. The CU HD-1 is medical equipment that really familiar in design and easy to use and also will give the user an easy interpretation and is a lot lighter than it might look.

Defibrillator CU HD-1 has operating system as semi-automatic and manual functions, optional pulse-oximetry, printer and colour screen (TFT) 7 inch diagonal LCD, external pacing and 12 lead ECG. It has an optional transcutaneous pacer for temporary pacing of patients with low heart rate. With his NIBP mode, this equipment can record the patient's blood pressure automatically.

The CU HD-1 has an SPO2 module for monitoring of oxygen saturation in the patient’s blood (70 – 100%) that including alarm when minimum or maximum rate appear, It has a memory card port for the storage of acquired signals and an integrated printer for the generation of hard copies of the patient’s physiological signals.

The medical team can use defibrillator CU HD-1 when they found patient who are exhibiting the symptoms of Sudden Cardiac Arrest including ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, in order to restore circulation by delivering electric shock and restoring the normal ECG rhythm.

Like other defibrillator machine, In the AED mode system, defibrillation pads must be used to obtain the ECG signal of patients and deliver electric shock according to the patients' condition. Manual Mode system is divided into two functions such as asynchronous defibrillation and synchronous cardioversion. In asynchronous defibrillation, the usage target is the same in AED Mode.

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