Selling New and Used Medical Equipment

New and Used Medical Equipment or Medical Devices for Hospital such as Stand and Portable Ultrasound, EKG or ECG machine, X-ray machine, Hemodialysis machine, CT-Scan machine, AED or Defibrillator machine, Ventilator machine, Nebulizer machine, including medical instrument items.

Medical Equipment : CW Repeat Pulse 15W CO2 Laser Machine For Surgery

CW Repeat Pulse 15W CO2 Medical Veterinary Laser Machine For Surgery is an equipment produced by Sunny Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd as one of medical supplier company that located on China. They are always pays attention to the quality of products, especially for therapy beauty instruments (facial cosmetology) and brain wave medical device.

CW Repeat Pulse 15W CO2 laser therapy machine using sealed-off CO2 laser. The output invisible infrared laser beam is characterized by small, with his high energy density; Laser beam output by the focusing mirror. Medical equipment CO2 laser treatment having high temperature gasification resulted from the focal point of the target tissue, It can be used for cutting and burning.

CO2 laser surgery has low energy density, with his direct laser beam output (7-joint spring-balanced articulated arm, 3 mW diode laser) can be the target tissue coagulation surgery. CO2 laser output of the laser transmission through optical arm, the medical team can use a variety of headpiece for a variety of surgery.

CW Repeat Pulse 15W CO2 laser surgery working by operating modes; single, repeat pulse, magic or super pulse (100W) and CW. This equipment will delivers four times more energy per pulse than the super pulse laser. Using CO2 laser surgery, the medical team or doctor only need to set up the most basic parameters and start the treatment. The operation interface is easy and humanized, so that they could serve the patient more intently.

The Medical equipment CW Repeat Pulse 15W CO2 laser surgery can be used for many kind of treatment such as :
  1. Dermatology: facial cosmetology (cosmetic surgery), skin cancer, body freckle, nevus, tumour, wart, the instrument can excise anything superfluous or useless in order to make people strong and handsome and to prevent pathological changing.
  2. Gynecology: chronic cervicitis, valvar angiofibromata, cervical erosion, leukoplakiavulvae, excesion uterus polyp, cervical carcinoma in situs, etc.
  3. Oral surgery ;epulis, buccal haemangioma, mucouse cyst, and lichen planus
  4. E.N.T.: all kinds of rhinitises, nose polyps, pharyngitises, oral hemangiomas.
  5. Ophthalmology: orbit tumour, eyelid, sty, double blood skin.
  6. Urology ; meatus urinariouse condyloma, redundant prepuce, caruncle of urethra, polips of penis.
  7. General surgery: haemorrhoids, aal fissure and anal fistula, phimosis, V.D, etc.
  8. Others: underarm odour, corn, ulcer that need.
Specification of medical equipment CW Repeat Pulse 15W CO2 laser surgery :
  • Operating mode: CW, Repeat pulse, super pulse
  • Working radius: 100cm
  • Laser wavelength: 10600nm
  • Power to tissue: >15W (C.W)
  • Focal spot diameter: <0.5mm
  • Articulated arm: 7-joint spring-balanced
  • Aiming beam: Diode laser 635nm2mW (adjustable)
  • Power supply: AC220V or 110V
  • Cooling system ; water closed cycle
  • Control system ; LCD touch screen, footswitch
  • Dimension: 80(H)*270(W)*530(D) mm
  • Packing size: 120(D)*360(W)* 610(Hmm)
  • Gross weight: 21kgs (Net weight: 16Kgs ).

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X-Ray Machine "HF Advantage" from GE Company

General Electric (GE) healthcare company released their product high frequency technology on X-ray machine "HF advantage". These medical equipment developed in the John F Welch Technology Centre in Bangalore - India.

HF advantage is X-ray machine as the next generation X-ray system designed, equipped with a high-power 32KW generator hitherto used in high-end CTs and X-ray machines. They will prepare this item for the domestic and international markets. The X-ray machine HF advantage will be a substitute to the conventional X-ray equipment used in hospital and diagnostic centre.

"The product was designed and developed by Indian engineers at the John F. Welch Technology Centre of GE in Bangalore and manufactured by third-party multiple vendors in Pune," GE Healthcare Technologies CEO V. Raja told reporters.

X-ray machine HF Advantage offers high quality image and diagnostic precision using lower radiation doses. With his priced about Rs.800,000 (US $15,850) for the Indian market, you can compare with other X-ray equipment that sell in the market around same prices. It will give the physician a satisfied result on image by using advanced radiography system, So they can put an accurate diagnosis to the patient.

V. Raja told that the X-ray machine HF Advantage is the latest X-ray machine provides crystal clear images at the lowest exposure surpassing conventional X-rays. This machine also offering safe imaging environment by reducing exposure time by over 20 per cent.

General Electric (GE) Global made join venture with Wipro Corporation in order to marketed and provided services for those want to buy the HF Advantage. They make target for the private and government hospitals, small diagnostic centres, including nursing home care. In future, they plan to introduce the next level of fully digital X-ray systems (laptop size) for enhanced imaging solutions with a price tag of Rs.10.5 to Rs.20.5 million.

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