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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Omron R7 Wrist (HEM-637-E2)

Omron R7 is an automatic wrist blood pressure monitor from Omron Healthcare company. They developed products that provide accurate health information to consumers and physicians such as digital thermometers, body fat monitor using sensor technology, respiratory inhalation devices. In September, 2009, Omron Healthcare marked an important milestone for its blood pressure monitors: 100 million units sold worldwide.

Omron Corporation, has become a leading marketer and distributor of medical, home healthcare, and wellness products. Especially in the digital Blood Pressure Monitor. Omron R7 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is one of their digital medical equipment machine that using Intellisense technology, for comfort and speed of measurement. This Blood pressure machine very nice for the home use, the user will be easy to operate the system and it will give accurate measurement.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Omron R7 has wrist cuff fits 13.5-21.5 cm, Its Comes complete with a hard case to protect the monitor and to prevent decalibration. The user can connect their Omron R7 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor to the printer for detailed analysis of results, or to a PC via the Bio Information Link. This product can connect with Microsoft® HealthVault™ (a privacy- and security-enhanced online service designed to put you in control of your health information).

Omron R7 is digital blood pressure machine with automatic averaging mode (3 readings average value within 10 minutes), able to save and read 90 memories with date and time stamp. This blood pressure equipment feature with Position sensor technology to ensure correct readings, The large display shows blood pressure and pulse making the screen easy to read and analyse (using Graphical dot matrix system).

Digital blood pressure Monitor series from Omron

When you buy this machine, you will find a guide book with International Protocol. In the online market, you will see the prices between £70 - £80 with warranty from them. About Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Omron R7 Wrist (HEM-637-E2) and other Omron series you can get more information in official website of Omron company.

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